On the 10th of March Dr Kelly (Jack and Jason’s mum in Year 3 and reception) kindly came into Year 6 for Science. We were all so excited; she talked about germs and what microbes were. After we talked about that we were handed out some cuddly toys that were shaped like Viruses, germs, micro-organisms, microbes and chickenpox. We learnt more about them and got into small groups to decide what experiments to carry out.  Rachael, Inha and I were in a group and we all chose to take swabs on the teachers’ desk to see whose was the dirtiest. Once we were ready Mrs Kelly gave us the swabbing tools, rulers and a stopwatch. We first tested Mr Mc Auley’s desk then proceeded round the school to test all the other teachers desks. It was very fun and we all learnt new things. Eventually we had got all the results and Dr Kelly tested it. (Miss Ash had the cleanest desk or the one with the least microbes) After that was all finished everyone got to swab our hands to see how clean or dirty they were. We found our that Ethan and Inha had the joint dirtiest but dr Kelly said that dirty hands meant fun hands!

Everyone enjoyed themselves so much and we were all so sad to see Jack’s mum leave. The lesson was that everyone should wash their hands properly as our hands have more germs than a toilet seat so if you don’t wash your hands you’ll literally be eating a toilet seat.


By Chirag Year 6