By Antonia, Lydia, Ella, Tom and Kieran.

We are back from Juniper Hall! It was very fun. On Wednesday, we arrived and made our beds on our own (mostly) then we met our tutor Rowena in the classroom. After that, we went on a treasure hunt hike with compasses and found cake! Later, we had dinner and painted a landscape based on the view from the hike. On Thursday, we woke up, made our packed lunch and had breakfast. Then, we got ready for a long hike from about 11am until 4pm. Before leaving though, we set out some small mammal traps hopefully to catch a mouse, shrew or vole. During the hike, we collected hiking sticks, we looked for box trees, we climbed up the magic steps, we had lunch and a visitor, we created wild art, we crossed a river on stepping stones and we got back to Juniper Hall to find two mammal traps closed! Excitedly, we opened them. Alex and Tom’s trap caught Claire and Tibby was captured by Lydia and Priya’s trap. Claire was a bank vole and Tibby was a wood mouse. After dinner, we had a campfire with toasted marshmallows. They were delicious! On Friday morning, we tidied our rooms and packed our bags ready to go however, we had a few more activities: we went on a mini-beasts hunt and had a slug race. Tom and Kieran’s slug won; however, it had been collected by Alvin, Jeevan and Ilyas. We had lunch, went on the bus and arrived back at school at approximately 1.30pm! It was amazing!