Year Six’s Trip to The Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey

By Bradley – Year 6

On the 14th of April, Year Six went to The Houses of Parliament. We were very excited about our trip, and it seemed very long, but at least we weren’t the other passengers!

We were heading to the Educational Centre on the other side of Parliament, so we got time to absorb the view of the majestic building. When we got to Parliament, the staff had to check or belongings, like they would at an airport. Then, we were taken from the Educational Centre to the Houses of Parliament and we went past the gate that The Queen would go through once a year.  We also saw The House of Commons, The House of Lords, The Robing Room and the centre of parliament with statues picturing very famous MPs and Prime Ministers. The funniest bit of the Houses of Parliament was when we got to vote about whether we should ban avocados.

Next, we went to the workshop in The Educational Centre to have our say about kids being able to vote!

After we had lunch and had a chat, we headed off to Westminster Abbey, where we saw a lot of graves and tombs of famous people like Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, William Shakespeare, Rudyard Kipling and The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier! We learnt that the people at Westminster Abbey School slept on the Coronation Chair for a whole night and then graffitied it!

Finally, we got souvenirs from the Gift Shop (which was hard!) and went back on the train, but not without a selfie with the statue of Winston Churchill!