On Tuesday the 6th of December, Year 5 and 6 went to see The Wind in the Willows at the Rose Theatre. Although it was at 7:00 pm, with eager faces, we all waited patiently throughout the school day.

At 6:30pm we met in the Rose Theatre wearing home clothes! All excited, we got into partners and waited… Then we slowly walked to the queue to get in. Wow! We were all stunned about the stage set up, it was amazing! We got into our seats. Suddenly, the lights dimmed and the narrators started talking and then… a door mouse called Doris scampered on stage frightened from the lightning. To be fair so were we!

Along the way, we met Ratty, Mole and the other Woodland Animals. The weasels came on stage… Chief weasel was small and very intimidating; she had many lines but knew them off by heart. Day after day, mole asked for adventure. He met Toad, Badger and even went on his first boat trip.

Then they sang a song about messing around and more people sang carols. After the carols and the shower of confetti came the interval!

Popcorn, crisps, sweets and chocolate rappers scattered the floor noisily. A bit too noisy as Mrs.G had to tell us off! Talking about teachers Miss Champanhet mentioned she expects us to be as good as the actors for our school play! Eventually, it started again. BANG! One of the weasels had shot a bullet… There was a massive fight, the woodlands won!

It all ended up with a big jolly song that toad started throughout the play for his motorcar craze.

We had a great time and great fun. We will never forget it: The characters, The narrators and the motor car!

By Ella and Zoe Y5