On the 23rd-26th of May, I went with my class (year 6) and the year 5s on my last residential trip to Hooke Court (Dorset), accompanied by Mr. McAuley and Miss Champanhet. We started off on the coach to Durdle-Door for a long walk. The beach was beautiful and the sun was shining. Then we headed off to Hooke Court. As soon as we were in our dormitories, we had to unpack and make our beds. After dinner we had a team building activity, which taught us how to work together; it was a lot of fun.


The next day, our activity was river studies. We had to get into rivers and look at the speed of the water. My favourite part was when I got loads of water in my wellies! Our activity after dinner was kite making. I loved creating my kite and listening to the stories that our guide told us.


On the third day, we learnt all about World War 1. We got to make food that the soldiers used to eat. My favourite part was when we went down into the muddy trenches; we had to do jobs like during the war. It was a spectacular experience! Later, we had to sing songs around the campfire. The funniest part was when Lucas had to bend down on one knee in front of Francesca and sing a love song! It was hilarious and it made everyone laugh!


On our last day, we packed up and headed towards Charmouth Beach to go fossil hunting. We found fossils that were 185 million years old!

Hooke Court had been a fantastic trip and I will never forget it!



Year 6