Our Year Six children have been writing Harvest Poems:

Food Banks, by Anoushka


Some people

Go to food banks

For their meals

When they are starving


We donate what we can

To make these people

Feel some joy

And they will know

That they aren’t alone


Harvest Festival, by Emily and Ivy


H, Happiness is shared around the world

A, Apples picked at the perfect moment

R, Rhubarb bursting with sweet flavours

V, Veggies steaming in the pot

E, Exquisite textures of glorious fruits

S, Strawberries transformed into mouth-watering jam

T, The autumn winds carry scents of joy


F, Food is donated to help friends in need

E, Excellent gifts bring heaps of happiness

S, Squash turned into luxurious soup

T, Tarts made with careful hands

 I, Ingenious people turn food into love

V, very delicious pumpkin soup warms our hearts

A, Amazing people make others smile

L, Love is given in the form of food