May we remind you once again to keep the area immediately outside the school as safe as possible for the children.  Please do not carry out U-turns in front of the school or use the school driveway to turn around. Please also do not park on the school markings, in the disabled space opposite (unless you are authorised to do so) or park across our neighbour’s drives. We find it is the same few parents who act inconsiderately and give our school a bad name and set a bad example for our children. Please think more carefully when parking before or after school.

Today we were visited by Councillor Simon Edwards, our local Saint James’ Ward Councillor, who came to assess the hazards presented by cars speeding in Thetford Road or parking illegally and increasing the risk to our children. We hope to be able to feedback more on some solutions to the issues identified once Councillor Edwards has raised this at council meetings.                                       Mr Mc Auley