On Wednesday 16th October The Study School went to Dover House Park to celebrate the Year 3 Football festival, hosted by Prospect House School (PHS).
Amina, Thomas, William, Nilan, Edward, Max and James were selected to participate in the event. It was the first time they were playing as a team in a competition outside the school, so everybody was very excited.
The competition consisted of 5 matches of 8 minutes each, 6 or 7 a-side with the only purpose, to have fun and improve children skills.
With this in mind, Mr Camacho (our head of PE) & Mr Gore (PE assistant) tried to encourage the squad to enjoy, no matter what the result was.
And this is what it happened. All of them played the best they could. They ran, tackled, passed, scored and, after 1 hour and 20 minutes of pure exercise, they realised that everything was done. The important thing was that every single one was happy to have participated in the event for the first time. We celebrated with some healthy snacks provided by one of our parents and singing: “we won, we won!” when we arrived back at school.
Thank you to all the parents who came to support us and thank you to Mr Camacho & Mr Gore for all their hard work.