School Fees – Effective Autumn 2019

To include: Swimming (Years One and Year Two), Games at King’s College London University grounds (Years Three, Four, Five and Six), Stationery and use of text books, Regular class daytrips, Personal Accident Insurance, Visits by external performers, Provision of cooked lunch (with the exception of Nursery mornings only) Provision of morning milk (free milk in Nursery) and many after school clubs.

The School belongs to the Early Years 15 hours funding scheme for 3 and 4 year olds, whereby the Government, through local councils, makes financial grants to parents to offset the cost of fees. We also offer the extended 30-hour funding to qualifying children who attend full time*.

*should your application be rejected during the funding process you will be liable to pay the full fees

Nursery Mornings only £1736 per term; £850 per term with 15-hour funding

Additional Nursery afternoon sessions available each day (to include cooked lunch) £279.00 per afternoon per term until 3:00pm; £222 per afternoon per term until 1:30pm.

  • Nursery full time: £3129 per term; £2245 with 15-hour funding per term £1358 with 30-hour funding per term
  • Reception: £3421 per term; £2537 with 15-hour funding per term; £1650 with 30-hour funding per term
  • Year One: £3558 per term
  • Year Two: £3910 per term
  • Year Three to Year Six: £4066 per term

The School is approved to accept vouchers issued under the childcare voucher salary sacrifice scheme; these may only be used for payment for school fees until the term your child turns five years old but may be used for Before and After School Care, or for residential trips for a child of any age.

  • Breakfast Club: from 7:30am: £6.24 per session; from 8:00am: £3.12 per session
  • After School Care (from end of child’s school day until 6:15pm) £6.24 per hour (or pro rata per hour)
  • PTA subscription £5 per term

Where two children of the same family are in attendance at the school at the same time the fees for the older child only will be subject to a 10% discount. Where three children of the same family are in attendance at the school at the same time the fees for the second child only will be subject to a 5% discount, in addition to the 10% discount for the eldest child.

We offer a 5% early payment discount only if the full year fees are paid by 31st August (cleared funds in our bank account). Please contact the school office to request this arrangement.

Please note: sibling and early payment discounts are not available to international (Tier 4) pupils.

A small number of extra-curricular clubs are not included in the school fees. School fees do not include instrumental music lessons or literacy support lessons.

Orchard Funding is a popular method of paying the fees and is available on request.


A £50 non-returnable Registration Fee is due to be paid when submitting the Registration Form.

An Acceptance Deposit of £700 is payable with the Acceptance Form. This deposit will be retained by the school until after the Pupil leaves and will be repaid without interest to the Parents unless otherwise stated in the school’s terms and conditions.