At The Study School, French is taught to children from Reception through to Year 6. We have introduced Spanish as a second language to children, beginning in Year 4.



At the Study School, children learn both French and Spanish. French is taught from Reception up to Year Six along and Spanish is added from Year Five upwards.

In the Pre-Prep department, children learn through games and songs and are able to answer simple questions about themselves successfully in French, often conversing with our resident puppets, Léo and Lulu. They study fairy tales such as Les Trois Petits Cochons and Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood), acting out small scenes as a class.

In the Prep department, children learn more advanced language such as how to describe their family and how to tell people what they like to do in their free time. Children learn about the grammar of the language, which they are then able to apply in their written and spoken work. Children listen to authentic French speakers from videos and internet resources, along with being able to read from French texts. In Spanish, children learn how to greet people, talk about themselves and learn about Spain and Spanish culture.

Learning both languages sets children up for studying languages at their future secondary school with a sound grammar and pronunciation base. Children thoroughly enjoy their language lessons and are given the opportunity to display their work at the yearly Modern Foreign Languages afternoon, where each year group presents a play or song in either French or Spanish to parents and teachers.