Year Five have been learning about balanced arguments within the topic of discussion texts. They have been exploring the use of connectives and presenting two opposing opinions to create strong arguments for and against The Study School getting a pet dog.

An extract from Joshua Y:

In my biased opinion, I think we shouldn’t have a dog because what happens if it’s getting washed at break time? What about the money we have to spend?

An extract from Luca:

On the one hand, a dog is a good mascot and very different, but on the other hand, people may fight over the name. However there are solutions to this, like letting Mrs Brackstone-Drake decide the name.

An extract from Bradley:

This dog can be a great source of responsibility to the children.  It can help entertain sad, little or lonely children. Therefore, the dog can be a good mascot.


We have explored many topics for debate including the best city to live in during ancient Greek times, wearing a school uniform and eating healthy 100% of the time. The pupils have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and have shown they can raise relevant questions and listen to differing opinions.