France Trip Report By Amy Yr 6

During our enjoyable stay at PGL; we learned some new words and facts. The journey didn’t seem long because we were chatting excitedly or watching movies. When we arrived at le Pre Catelan (the building we were staying in) we were assigned rooms and then we had free time to explore the site. After we had dinner, (gammon and chips) we played capture the flag. I enjoyed this activity because we had to create team names and chants. I will never look at Mr Chitty the same way again.

The second day started off with an activity called Challenge Course and Problem Solving. I enjoyed this because we had to hunt for different countries flags and answer different questions. Then we had lunch before going to a French goat’s farm. I enjoyed holding the new-born animals and tasting goats cheese. Later we played Beach Olympics. For the first ten minutes, we did acting races. I enjoyed watching Mr Chitty and Mr Mc Auley act as well as Ethan acting like a stroppy teenager. Then we had free time on the beach. Even though it was windy, I enjoyed it as much more than I thought I would.

The next day we took part in an activity called Survivor, where we had to create a shelter in the woods. Soon, we went to the La Coupole Centre d’Histoire which consisted of a World War 2 bunker and a planetarium. Here we looked at WW2 artefacts and we also watched an educational film about planets. I really enjoyed looking at the different artefacts because I really like learning about WW2. A few hours later, we created Eggrockets. We did lots of small activities; my favourite activity was helping Filipe the egg get back to Earth. On our last full day at PGL, we kicked off the day by going to La Touque Market to purchase the ingredients for our lunch but, of course this was a French market so we had to ask for the variety of food in French. Next we were split into groups; each team had an instructor or teacher and €20 to spend in the market. My team had Ashleigh (our instructor.) Later, we went to Becasuc Sweet Factory. Right before our very eyes we saw thousands of sweets being made. (I’m not joking.) A few minutes later, we had ice-cream in Hardelot. I chose White Chocolate. Later, we had our disco: it was 2hrs of non-stop dancing to a multiple of different songs. On our last day, we packed up our belongings and left PGL. Soon, we got to the hypermarket to buy souvenirs with last of our money. I enjoyed going to PGL and France. A big thank you to Mr Mc Auley, Ms G and Mr Chitty for accompanying us for the whole week and also to Miss Ash who helped organise the trip with Mr Mc Auley.